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Vehicle Management

Freight Management

In the world of technology we bring a common platform to make logistics more simplified. A truck for every load and load for every truck is the vision of this solution. Without making any middle men unemployed we strive to make the freight more reasonable and loads available.

E-Way Bill Management

E-Way Bill Management

Have you paid penalty for way bill being expired ….. Not any more we have made E-Way Bill management very simple easy and reliable.

Vehicle Verification

Vehicle verification

It is become necessary to check every vehicle before we load, so you need not run anywhere else to check we bring this service for you under one umbrella.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

With the world moving faster everyone needs their consignment before time and the driver’s mobile is switched off …. Now ??

Just relax and use our tracking facility and track your vehicle and know which toll did it cross and update your customer to plan further .

Driver verification

Driver Verification

Just as you check the vehicle details you can also verify driver’s license before handing over the consignment documents.

Accounting Solutions

Accounting Solution

With all other advanced facilities it is also required to know and manage our finances in a very easy and simplified way…. and we bring for your this amazing solution not only making accounts easy but also making all your documentation work error proof.