Fleet Management Solution

Fleet Management-software for overall management of all day to day functionality and working of transporting business. Apart from daily transporting transactions, Fleet Management offers the option to manage and get control of related financial accounting, inventory, documents, branches, companies, users, fuel and all other related processes.

Fleet Management provides functionality and total control on all branches and transactions with option to view the transactions of all the branches on a single view or individually also with controlling of user functionality.

There are many more benefits which we have planned and included in the software which may prove to help you manage your transporting more effectively and to get more from your business, so you can now focus on decisions and growth and we will help you manage all your transporting for you.

Fleet Management solution

Fleet Management– Ready to use for :

Consignment booking transporter
Commission agent transporter
Full truck transporter
Courier companies
Fleet owners
Bus operators

Why you need Fleet Management software:

    • • If are not getting taxation and other reports ready as required.
    • • You are not able to control your companies, branch transactions, your employees.
    • • Late documents and transporting transactions reports from remote branches or agents.
    • • Spending time to track your bookings, deliveries, despatches, vehicle trips, drivers accounting.
    • • Your party yearly rate contracts and billings are not done on time or delay in payments due to non submission of bills to parties.
    • • Paying penalties for vehicle documents renewals, no vehicle service alerts, no inventory of spares and tyres consumed by your vehicle, no fuel consumed information.
    • • If you are managing transport bookings, despatches, deliveries, billings, accounts or any other transactions manually and not getting reports on time or as immediate required.

Benefits of using Fleet Management :

 Automated transporting process and centralised control of all the branches.

 Assessment reports of businesses, outstanding, Payables, vehicle transactions.

 Total control on bookings,despatch,deliveries,bills and payments.

 Comparison reports for branch business and transporting transactions.

 Taxation (service tax and TDS reports) as per govt formats.

 Automated financial accounting from all transporting transactions.

 Manage multi company, branch and users.

 Sms, email and software reminders and alerts for all important transactions.

 Track each and every transaction of all branches from a single place.

 Total control of users with option to allow your own functionality.

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